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S5163 Sui Sui(岁岁)1
S5163 Sui Sui(岁岁)

Name 姓名 : S5163 Sui Sui(岁岁)

Age 年龄 : 21 Years Old

Height 身高 : 163cm

Boobs 胸围 : 34C

Weight 体重 : 48

Room 包房


Central Area 中部地区




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2023-03-10 22:14A1 Says:
Very sweet girl who likes to smile a lot ! Good attitude !
2023-03-05 18:38SGDragon Says:
Just met SuiSui today. Exactly like the photo, sooo pretty and elegant. She’s such a nice girl, and don’t need much ice breaker just like talking to a friend. Took a shower together and wash me with her smooth hand. Bbbj feels like in haven while playing with her nicely shaped all natural D boobs. FJ is just perfect and allowed me to change a few positions. Light kisses while on top and cum all inside.
Her place is really clean and with nice atmosphere. Will RTF.
2023-03-04 17:14Novena Food Says:
Just came out. Snow-white skin beauty welcomes at the door. Chitchat was pleasant as she smiles a lot. Top GFE. Nice C-D boobs with seductive thin waist. Bj is superb and she positioned nicely that I can grab her peach easily. Started with her on top and finished with missionary, couldn’t hold to try the back. My first and genuine review here. Recommend bros.
2023-03-03 21:38MSK Says:
High GFE + nice boobs + big ass + no rush BJ + small chats = satisfied 1 hour. RTF soon.
2023-02-28 15:25Mickey Says:
Killer ass……must bang from behind but pls be gentle when slapping her ass
2023-02-27 22:27小弟 Says:
Her real person skin is soo smooth. She also a gentle kind.
Face: 10
Boby: 10
Fj: 10
Bj: 8
2023-02-26 17:06Mw Says:
2023-02-26 16:16yo yo Says:
Beautiful and young lady.... Great looks that makes me wanna go down to business right away. She has a bright smile on her. Bros have to please her and make her smile...I can\'t slow down at all once she starts her moan... cummed real quick when I saw her face in cloud 9. Do make an appointment cos she is leaving in less than 2 months.
2023-02-15 16:34Doggy lover Says:
Nice lady and good service. Her body is voluptuous and her ass is excellent for doggy style. Please treat her well and respect her boundaries.
2023-02-11 11:14Vincent Says:
Location - Central, high standard apartment
Look - 9/10 Very young and pretty, look like 抖音网红
Body - 10/10 Model figure and smooth skin
Boobs - 10/10 Natural 36C or D(may be getting periods soon so 涨奶abit) boobs, pinky nipples
BBBJ - 10/10 Too shiok until asking her to slow down and stop a few times
Kissing - 10/10 Passionate and enjoying like new lovers
FJ - 10/10 Pussy’s very tight and warm, was having blowjob too shiok then quickly put condom on and rode for a few minutes then cannot hold anymore

Suisui was very shy at the first sight but after taking shower and breaking ice, found out she is very nice and talkative when we got clicked on same topics and interests. Was enjoying very much throughout the session and never get 冷场. Got out from shower, kissed passionately and blowjob then stopped a while for chitchat then repeat again and having FJ and release my loads inside her. She didn’t take my brother out instantly and sat on me for half or one minute for some talks then only we go for another shower together. Will return again when available
2023-02-07 22:25感性双鱼小哥 Says:
2023-01-28 10:01拖拉机 Says:
2023-01-26 22:21Xiong Says:
人漂亮,功夫好! 很有女友感觉!
2023-01-10 23:33可爱 Says:
2023-01-10 20:55chen Says:
岁岁的胸太棒了 脸好看 服务一级棒!
2023-01-03 19:07Young Says:
Very happy with service with this lovely girl today. This is my first time write review in TT even though I’ve met many girls before. She is very patient and always smile. Definitely will return to meet her again :)
2022-12-29 20:32Ricky Says:
2022-12-27 14:41kk Says:
2022-12-27 00:32abcd111 Says:
2022-12-22 14:02Mark Says:
Sui Sui is a v nice, sensual and pleasant gal. Be kind to her and you would have a great time. RTF!
2022-12-10 00:14淡定 Says:
刚约了岁岁 简直好的不能再好 年轻漂亮 性格又好 天然翘臀 屁股又大又圆 水又多 配合度超高 口交特别舒服 让人流连忘返[爱心]
2022-12-09 21:44Aaa Says:
今天约了岁岁 非常满意 本人跟照片百分之百一样 性格很温柔而且配合度也很好 很年轻才过21岁 身材很瘦但是有料 很有女友的感觉 还会再约 支持
2022-12-01 23:00太爱了 Says:
这妹妹很年轻,刚过21岁生日, 超级美,简直是一个女神, 有大红明星的气质,但很温柔体贴,有亲密的女朋友感觉。服务很棒,不赶时间,做爱非常舒服,又很配合我的要求,真的过了一小时的天堂!
2022-11-26 01:43隔壁老王 Says:
2022-11-25 19:43willson Says:
Location - Central
Look - 9/10 Super young 21yo SYT is no different from the photos on the Internet
Body - 9/10 Height 162 with model figure sexy
Boobs - 10/10 All natural 34C pink sensitive nipples , the most original I have ever seen BBBJ - 10/10 Blowjob is very good. Watching you while mouthing Blowing slowly, if the concentration is not good, it is easy to get out
French - Babies don’t kiss with tongue, but they give me benefits
FJ - Put on your raincoat, first come riding style. My sister is very powerful, tight, wet, plus two headlights dangling, it is really a royal enjoyment Afterwards, we will go to take a shower together, and we won\'t be cold, the whole process is very easy.
Rtn - 100% will definitely go back.
2022-11-24 18:14开心就好 Says:
FR for N5163 岁岁
Location - Central
Look - 9/10 超级年轻21yo SYT 100%抖音网红脸[Heart][Heart][Heart]
Body - 9/10 身高162 有模特儿身材sexy[Heart][Heart][Heart]
Boobs - 8.5/10 全天然34C 粉红敏感小奶头[Drool]。手感good[Heart][Heart][Heart]
BBBJ - 10/10 口活非常shiok深情的看着你[Drool]慢慢吹,加上lots of Deep Throat, sucking and licking of balls plus whole shaft 。一不小心很容易出[Drool]
French - 宝贝不舌吻可是她轻吻 全身漫游,from
2022-11-21 01:20黯然销魂掌 Says:
2022-11-17 00:31哲哥 Says:
2022-11-16 21:38降龙十八掌 Says:
今天终于和这位小姐姐约了一个。看到她时,不但人长的漂亮,身材也很 标准,奶也刚刚好。她的口交真的非常厉害,不小心就可能会射在她嘴里。我今天和她啪啪爽翻了,感觉满满的。看她湿湿的样子我也觉得好有成就感啊!大家不要错过了这个在国内的外围顶级模特儿哦。
2022-11-08 01:36S Says:
She’s the best. GFE
2022-11-06 11:37阿才 Says:
岁岁人很nice 特别热情 ,做完后还会像女朋友一样抱抱你陪你聊天。 身材也是一级棒, 天然奶子很白很舒服 ,屁股又大又翘 、水多穴紧 !真的是让人欲罢不能 非常值得约 还会再约的!
2022-11-05 22:28点点 Says:
2022-10-24 17:08red apple Says:
Real person. Sui Sui is friendly and chatty. No rush and good service.
2022-10-23 16:56B Says:
2022-10-21 10:25A Says:
2022-10-20 14:10M Says:
小姐姐人很好 颜值在线 身材也很棒
2022-10-20 12:31EE: Says:
2022-10-19 14:55K Says:
Super Gem, Best of 2022! 漂亮,年轻,甜美,2022最佳!

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