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5224号 Angela1
5224号 Angela

Name 姓名 : 5224号 Angela

Age 年龄 : 24 Years Old

Height 身高 : 160cm

Boobs 胸围 : 34C

Weight 体重 : 44

Room & CD Included 包房包套

EAST (东部)

Geylang 芽笼



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2023-03-24 18:02游泳 Says:
非常好的女孩。做工不看手机。very good service . Please take good care of her!
2023-03-04 18:41阿杰 Says:
Have visited Angela five times liao and our chemistry gets better and better each time. Down-to-earth and a very humorous and cheerful gal. Firm C+ boobs, slim, petite figure and very service oriented. The BBBJ and AJ really tok kong; die die must try. Not a time watcher also, she is now my go-to FL until she leaves!
2023-02-27 01:55Loving Care Says:
怎样才是温柔 被爱的感觉有如何 我就在
What is loving care and a romantically feelings?
I have found these from Angela
2023-02-25 11:444次成功约 Says:
失败约了3次 第四次成功的约了
好花不常开 好女不常在 我肯定
继续加油约 Angela是我约过好
2023-02-15 05:05Isharetea Says:
Visit her yesterday.

Service is great with good attitude. Doesn\'t look phone while she service me.
Make me feel comfortable.

Will rtf again. $180 is well spent
2023-02-13 11:25Jonathan chia minglo Says:
非常好 很适合 已经成为熟客 会长期支持的
2023-02-11 18:26Mr. Sim Says:
Read the many good reviews and since I was in the area, I decided to try Angela out. It was indeed per what the bros are saying. The service is top-notched with high GFE. Bros, if you like slim, petite gals with generous boobs who can french fight, do excellent AR and BBBJ that makes you cum in her mouth, Angela is the one for you and a sure bet for more RTFs.
2023-02-11 15:27Ron Says:
Had a session with Angela the previous night after my work. She is much smaller and skinner than I expected lol but perhaps this made her boobs look even bigger and her body does look and feel like a young girl’s with her shaved pussy, smooth skin and hair down.
Frenching 9 - takes initiative to french me when i hugged her and at every opportunity when my face is near hers.
BBBJ 9 - sensuous and looked me in the eyes while sucking me and even adjusted her body to better let me feel up her boobs and cheebye.
AR - she offered but I didn’t try.
FJ 9 - lots of juices and very tight. Very malleable body and allowed the many positions I wanted to try. Nice stereo. After the deed is done, hug and snuggle up to me, very strong GFE as she chat and tell me about her day.
RTF 9 - Yes, service is good, very easygoing with strong chemistry.
2023-02-07 19:06十一 Says:
Nice girl With good figure. Natural C cup boobs. Great service.
2023-01-29 11:49阿全 Says:
刚刚约了 Angela , 很好看的一个小美女。身材娇小玲珑,皮肤白皙,,服务到位,该有的都做足,工作不看手机,不赶时,有女朋友的感觉。各位兄弟,真值得试试。别走宝了!
2023-01-20 19:25STEVE Says:
RTF? of course!!虽然住的远了些....但绝对值得。希望大家好好对待Angela小姐姐。
2023-01-10 11:54宝宝 Says:
2023-01-03 07:45 Says:
Beyond good, can say is the best in the category.
Just be nice and everything will be beyond expectations
2022-12-31 10:50Uhhh Says:
A young beautiful lady, with fantastic service. Enjoyed every minute of her service today..

Definitely worth more than $180 with the service she provides..

Please support her
2022-12-24 09:49Qwerty66 Says:
good service. Young milf pretty and petite. Did all the services as mentioned. 8/10
2022-12-21 16:26rey619 Says:

5244 Angela

Location - Central Condo
Look - 7.5/10 Pleasant & looks will griw on you (as mentioned in earlier FR is a pre-milf头发长飘飘的
Body - 8/10 Fair & slim stature
Boobs - 7.5/10 Natural but not big
Catbath - 9.5/10 Very gentle & thorough from top -> bottom ; Assrim is shiok
BBBJ - 9/10 口活非常好whole shaft cleaning with deep throat [ThumbsUp]
French - 8/10 Passionate
FJ - 8/10 Can bonk passionately with multiple positions; 非常配合
Remarks: Pricetag is a steal with her service (cheaper than GL). Great attitude & can chat easily.
2022-12-20 15:11蛋蛋 Says:
2022-12-19 15:25天气 Says:
2022-12-10 22:42Token Says:
Angela is a true gem not to be missed.
Her body is very malleable, baby soft and super nice to touch.
Perfect pair of boobs and nips.
Tight pinkish lovehole.
Frenching, BBBJ, Painting, 69, AssRim,
Cowgal, Doggie, Intense Missionary till cum. 10/10
2022-12-08 22:48A Test Subject Says:
One of the horniest fls I’ve met. It’ll be a test for man’s horniness and woman’s desire.
2022-12-07 10:08十一 Says:
2022-12-06 01:32Mike Says:
Good enjoyable session with Angela today
Pretty girl with slim body and nice legs
Boobs B cup with small cherry nips allow suckle her nips and she started moaning
2022-12-05 20:38Mike Says:
Enjoyed my session with Angela good service accompany me full hour.
Pretty girl very fresh and still tight
2022-12-05 17:10Mel Says:
Beautiful young girl . Service very good will definitely Rtf for sure
2022-12-03 21:35Don Says:
Finally able to book Angela , first time in SG, a newcomer.sge performed according to the service listed.Her attitude was very good in real person. So just be patient booking her. Good service and value for money but you must try it in order to believe. Best of the Best in terms of service and pricing..
2022-12-03 16:29CGR520 Says:
Beautiful girl. 90% similar to photo with mark up.
Slim and passionate
Rtf for sure.

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