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N5245 Xiao Yan(小言)1
N5245 Xiao Yan(小言)

Name 姓名 : N5245 Xiao Yan(小言)

Age 年龄 : 22 Years Old

Height 身高 : 158cm

Boobs 胸围 : 36C

Weight 体重 : 50

Room 包房


Central Area 中部地区



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2023-02-23 22:45vip Says:
My favorite, the child\'s face huge breasts thin waist fat ass do not miss
2023-02-21 00:20喜欢 Says:
She has the full package - very sincere, hardworking and adorable, even more so than anyone else I\'ve ever met. Treat her gently and respect her boundaries, and you\'ll enjoy yourself without a doubt. You\'ll never regret tipping her with the level of attention she gives you. And be warned, her eyes are beyond captivating.
2023-02-12 12:31阿V Says:
Look - 10/10 Young and cute with lovely and abit teasing smile, I love her eyes the most, she’s my type
Body - 9/10 155-158cm, abit short for me(which makes her cute and we’re having 最萌身高差), nice body shape
Boobs - 10/10 Nice shape and natural C boobs, very soft
Massage - 10/10 Well trained and very有力度, enjoying the session with massage and chatting
HJ - 10/10 She suggested me to watch porn video while giving me HJ. Very shiok and ejacuated too hard until some on her body

Was trying to book for the next day for FJ but too bad she’s having periods. Still can’t wait to see her so decided to try her 半套. She looks exactly same as in the photos and videos with seductive smile. Helped me to shower and proceeded to the bed for massage. Was chatting a lots on her life and goals while massaging then she asked me to turn around for HJ. Surprisingly she asked if I watch porn for 打飞机 by myself usually then suggested me to open one and said that it’s her 独门招式 Licking my nipple and giving my HJ with porn was quite a new thing and enjoying. After that, we laid for a while and chat again and went for shower again. Was quite 舍不得 and keep hugging for a long time before I go.
2023-01-01 13:55haku47 Says:
Very cute and pretty. Treat her gently and she\'ll make your experience unforgettable
Look - 10/10 prettier than photo. match videos. her face has a pink flush when excited
Boobs - C+ very nice shape
Body- Slim top and sexy curvy bottom
Ass - 10/10 marvelous bubble ass. instant hard urge to pound that meaty ass slow and deep
FJ - 9/10 feels like making out with a naughty JC classmate. 10/10 majestic ass view in doggy
GFE - 9/10 very cute
RTF - Yes
2022-12-27 01:31LUV HER Says:
She is the best that I ever met. Truly fallen in love with her.
2022-12-25 20:24Siang Says:
Natural syt!!! Cute cute de!!! Cheeks oso qq de!!! Lick her she will shyshy de!!! Boobs big and jumpy!!! Really nice character and love!!!
2022-12-25 09:18是我 Says:
好可爱的 照片本人
2022-12-24 23:04开心就好 Says:
Looks 8/10: Very seductive and attractive to me.
Body 8/10 : Awesome body. Love her butt the most.
Boobs 10/10 : Big boobs, should be C or D cup.
BBBJ 10/10 : Lots of sucking and licking. When request for 69, she greatly agrees to it.
Painting 10/10 : she enjoys how her pussy being licked and fondled with.
FJ 12/10 : this is the best so far for me, you want any position, she greatly accommodates to your request without complaining and ask for more. you name it she can do it. Great stamina and no rush job.
RTF : Will come back!!
2022-12-24 14:33JJ Says:
cute SYT who enjoys painting and nip sucking
she also makes it a point to make the experience less commercial and more GFE
2022-12-22 22:48小狗狗 Says:
清新脱俗 温柔可爱 聊着聊着就爱上了 荷尔蒙碰撞的梦幻体验
2022-12-21 17:11sen Says:
I really like the innocence she reveals. Her shy appearance makes me have the impulse to fall in love. She is cuter than the photos. The most important thing is her 1998
2022-12-20 15:00棉花猫 Says:
小言美眉 一双漂亮的眼睛 待人真诚温柔 真人比照片可爱
2022-12-19 19:05J Says:
2022-12-16 15:47123 Says:
美美眼睛特别漂亮 人也很腼腆 非常喜欢一次体验 98年的年轻 会回头

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