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S3069 Jiu Er(九儿)1
S3069 Jiu Er(九儿)

Name 姓名 : S3069 Jiu Er(九儿)

Age 年龄 : 23 Years Old

Height 身高 : 160cm

Boobs 胸围 : 36E

Weight 体重 : 45

Room & CD Included 包房包套


Central Area 中部地区



Please quote seen from TT! 请说TT看见的!




2021-03-01 14:23Very Satisfied Man Says:
Looked for her again last week
She is definitely one of the best ladies i had met on this website based on
1. How close she looks like to her photos
2. Service she provides
3. Boob size

Boob-lovers should definitely try

For me, i will definitely RTF
Even though i had done so many times oredi

2021-03-01 12:38White Peach Says:
Allow me to join in the fun here. Usual stuff, met her during lunch time and bough lunch. Sweaty from climbing the stairs, I took a shower first before sitting down and had lunch with her together. There we sat on the couch and she started to jerk my soft startled cock to erection. Still starved, I gently wriggled her out of her panties. I spread her legs, unwrapped and ate my lunch again. I straddled my face between her legs and lick her clit as she moaned and wriggled until her needs were met. With her signal, I complied happily and put on the condom. She mounted me on the couch and I grabbed her ass cheeks and lifted her up and down, banging each other hard. Every inch of her body smelled like sex. She would moaned what she wanted me to do to her and I would obey, happily acting as her sex slave. We came fast and hard, like rabid animals hungry of each other bodies.
2021-02-28 15:06兜兜里有糖 Says:
2021-02-18 02:04283838 Says:
Queen of sgwolves now, I don\'t think I tried anyone better. She\'s like a Chinese model but a lot more natural because of the way she chats and plays around with you. But things get serious of course, as usual and before long we were cuddling like lovers. She kissed me on my nipples and kept looking at me and smiled and I felt I had to do the same to make her happy. Don\'t know if she really felt good but she pushed my head down to service her. When I started licking she was all wet, and her juice very clear and clean type, can just keep licking her. Then she asked me to flip over to her side. So we 69, with me on top. Then I stood up for a boob fuck before I gave it to her from behind with her standing up, grabbing her long legs for support. After coming, I remained inside for at least a couple of minutes, still kissing her smooth skin while she caressed my balls from between her legs. Sex made in heaven.
2021-01-31 12:32Nickname Says:
FR for JiuEr:

Face: 9.5, photos are real, nowadays it\'s real hard to find girls showing who they are.
Body: 9.5, cup big size, nice body.
GFE: 9.5, friendly to talk with, got frenching.
FJ: 9.5, yes yes yes.
BJ: 9.5, good good good.
2021-01-27 15:16David Says:
Looks: 10/10 (more chio in person!!)
Attitude: 10/10 (Super accommodating, love to tease me)
Body: 10/10 (HOT stuff!!)
Frenching: 10/10 (got chemistry, you\'ll get it!!)
Bbbj: 10/10 (best thing I\'ve ever experienced!!!)
Painting: (clean, shaved, made her squirt squirt!!!)
Fj: 1000/10 (overall BEST experience, better than most girls out there !!)

Basically, ever since I\'ve dated 九儿,have never dated other girls since then & she my ONLY go to girl!!! Top-notch service, good value for money & CONFIRM won\'t regret!!!
2021-02-02 14:204eye Says:
Maybe what you said is true. Or maybe you\'re helping her to advertise so that she can be demanding or popular in town. Who knows? Let say everything you said is that great...but her attitude, I don\'t think so loh? Just bcoz others aren\'t register with their website, so means cannot come at all? Then I suggest since her attitude \"SO ARROGANT/ACT INNOCENT\" then don\'t need to work.....find a Sugar Daddy can liao. Agree? Stupid attitude loh? What\'s the use? Sighs...
2021-02-02 23:37管理员 回复:

Hi bro, I rarely get complaint on her. So what exactly transpired between you both? Would you like to leave your number or wechat ID so we can find out? Also, My website dont register anyone. We welcome everyone to book the girls. But most girls are worried about bad customers or authority fishing them, thus they would check with 3rd party system to see if one has bad or customer record. 

If one has bad record it would be most certain the girl will refuse booking.

Lastly, I think you dont have to be so upset about one bro sharing his exerience even if its a little exaggerating. lol. If one meat is not suitable for you, move on to another.

2021-01-24 21:28jasper Says:
2021-01-23 12:56Chan Says:
发了几封信息也没回复 有什么问题 要怎么约?
2021-01-25 01:50管理员 回复:


2021-01-22 08:11David Says:
Looks: 10/10 (more chio in person!!)
Attitude: 10/10 (Super accommodating, love to tease me
2021-01-21 17:04匿名 Says:
2021-01-20 01:54David Says:
Looks: 10/10 (more chio in person!!)
Attitude: 10/10 (Super accommodating, love to tease me
2021-01-20 01:02Waterboy8 Says:
Great girl! Match the photo and thorough with her service. Her place is very discreet but not easy to find. Those whom Chinese are not good will have issues understanding how to find the place. Be patience and you will be rewarded. She is a very direct gal so the way she speaks you may not like it but she definitely doesn’t mean to be rude. By the way, her place needs to climb stairs so not advisable for those who have issues with climbing stairs.
Be patience and be nice and definitely you will be rewarded!
2021-01-17 22:54Vk Says:
Managed to book this girl tonight. The moment she greeted me I knew I didn\'t make the wrong choice. Prettier than her photos too. Very willing to please. Started off with massage, applied good pressure. Then without warning she started to lick my ears from behind and then rubbed her naked body all over me. My hard cock was crushed against the bed then she flipped me over and gave it some precious attention. With her slim fingers first, then with her luscious lips. Got me all sensitive already she applied protection and asked me how I wanted to screw her lol. Started with doggy, ended with missionary, her long legs spreadeagled in the air, locked down by my arms. Everything just felt so right I wish I could have gone on forever...
2021-01-03 01:51鹏鹏 Says:
2021-01-08 12:40Teng Sem Yeng Says:
Agreed bro 九儿也共识。九九九救救啾啾久久旧旧梦琪。
2021-01-06 13:36Oishii Says:
Wrong channel bro lol
2021-01-02 19:43Steve Says:
2020-12-28 10:39老羊 Says:
2021-01-03 00:22老羊 Says:
2021-01-01 20:39Boy Says:
骚的意思是什么? 很喜欢性交?
2020-12-31 06:44老九迷 Says:
2020-12-27 20:40东马小哥 Says:
2020-12-27 20:35东马小哥 Says:
2020-12-25 22:09老羊 Says:
九尾狐一个 一字骚
2020-12-25 14:57小哥 Says:
2020-12-20 00:52Lucky 幸运 Says:
FR for nine nine 九儿

2020-12-19 16:51小鲜肉 Says:
Very good service! Will be back for more! FR from other bros is very true indeed...
2020-12-19 00:04vv Says:

18 Dec 2020 - slot 3pm on Jiu Er




  1. 抱她上床就开始了挑逗。大奶手感口感都很棒。

  2. bbbj 很棒,眼神交流,好像在吸冰棒。

  3. 69 更棒鲍鱼刮的干干净净,很美很好舔无味。

  4. fj 更加棒,她先骑我过后就坐上来顺便抱起来到床尾的镜前xx,她还说这画面好美。过后就转回床上来个后入,她要我暴力点,过后我俩败在传教仕这招,最后她也擅斗了两下,飞到九消云外,完事后也继续躺着享受。

总结:本人比照片漂亮,身材很棒适合抱起来x, 第一次见面很健谈,服务态度配合度就不用多说了太捧。很会玩的女生。


2021-01-03 15:55不会 Says:
2020-12-28 23:15vv Says:
2020-12-28 23:14vv Says:
上海小锅 Bro,
当然九儿的 fans 太多了。enjoy bro...
2020-12-22 00:45上海小锅 Says:
2020-12-21 17:26不会 Says:
2020-12-18 19:46红魔鬼 Says:
2020-12-15 13:10朝阳师哥 Says:
2020-12-03 21:14Alexander Says:





2020-12-02 09:02红魔鬼 Says:
2020-12-03 10:02Y Says:
2020-11-30 03:00Bbb Says:
She may not have the biggest boobs but she\'s really got the softest smoothest most beautiful boobs with pert pretty nipples. Perfect for breast fuck. I love her obedient face as she gave me the boob rub kneeling down in the shower. Then we proceeded to the bed for serious business. The thing about jiuer is that she doesn\'t just make you sit back and enjoy, you fall in love with her smile so much you want her to enjoy too, and the sexy lovemaking sounds charge your spirit so much you want to make baby with her. After sex, I lay down on top of her, cuddled by those beautiful breasts. It was a good feeling, nothing mechanical about the whole session. Just good honest naked sex. Would be booking her again once I replenished my vitamin M.
2020-10-11 00:39小王子 Says:
Beautiful girl who makes sure you’re comfortable the entire session.

Treat her well and she will definitely reciprocate. But be careful or she’ll melt your heart
2020-11-05 16:41 Says:
No need security guard, condo free to access.
2020-10-26 20:07Crazy Says:
Bro, got security guard or not? Need to safe entry?
2020-10-10 22:42金枪不倒 Says:
2020-10-06 01:30一个好人 Says:
麻烦网主处理一下,我今天连续发了几封信息给九儿预约时间 可是完全没有收到回复,请问是有什么问题吗?
2020-10-06 14:57管理员 回复:


2020-10-01 09:5287 Says:
2020-09-26 14:13西门一庆了 Says:
2020-04-01 17:27klao Says:
今天找了九儿 真的爽死了 好爱他
2020-03-27 20:40朋友 Says:
老實人九儿沒有駶人 她回来后已经隔离了14天 14天后也没有马上上班 我從她新年前回去后都有联系 如果你不放心还是其他女人可找 不过你不找她是你的损失
2020-04-01 17:16Joe Says:
2020-04-03 01:24管理员 回复:


2020-03-25 23:06Uncle Albert Says:
Looks: 10/10
Body: 10/10
Hj: 10/10
Bbbj: 10/10
Fj: 10/10
Gfe: 10/10
Attitude: 10/10
Rtf: 1000/10

She is really the best girl I\'ve ever dated so far, cream of the crop, top notch service!! Really love how accommodating she is and I love how we easily break the ice. Attitude & character was superb & left the session a happy man, highly recommended & please support her!!!
2020-03-23 12:20老实人 Says:
2020-03-31 12:16很硬 Says:


2020-03-25 15:32九儿 Says:
2020-03-25 14:59老公 Says:
对啊,她去年 11 月回国的
2020-03-20 16:29很硬 Says:
2020-03-25 10:44很硬 Says:
2020-01-13 00:20 Says:
2020-01-12 14:33Nickname Says:
She looks a bit bounc(not meaty) and I Iiked it a lot.

A girl provide good service with good attitude.

Bumping time on bed is neither too short nor too long and we both enjoyed it a lot.

Overall: 9/10

2020-01-09 13:27Edward Says:
If you think screwing her is good, go try her hand job. I enjoyed mine.
2020-01-08 08:35老头 Says:
Missed baby alot and decided to book her for a hand job session. Truly professional and seductive. She was in her long sexy gown, revealing her sexy curves and partially exposing her beautiful luscious bosom. Gave me a bear hug from behind and the feeling was so good. Quickly took my shower and she was laying in the bed waiting for me. Slowly crawled to her and started to kiss lightly as I ran my hands all over her her body, touching every itch. The kiss become more passionate and her gown was off and exposing her naked body. The sight of her naked body was worth to die for. She pushed me down the bed and told me to lay down and just relax and enjoy. As she was kissing all over me, she let out soft moans and her gentle soft hand was stroking and caressing my dick. She slowly headed south and and seductively putting my dick into her mouth. The slurping, tongue tickling my sensitive spot made me really wanted to come soon. During those usual making love session, I already nearly surrender to her when my cock was being sucked by her. The sight of her sucking me and her look of enjoying eating me can blow my mind off. She can sense that I was about to come and she stopped sucking me and applied lubricant and started to hand job me while laying near to me with her warm breast pressing against my body. As she was masturbating me, she whispered into my ear and commended how hard my cock was and how she wished she could have it put into her wet pussy now. Wow! Instant manhood feeling and shot my load out. It was a great hand job session. As I was dressing up, baby said when she is ready for me in a day’s time, I must come and see her again because she wanted my dick inside her. Damn, so tempting words so will surely return for her. On the spot advanced booked a 2 hours session slot before she is fully booked
2020-01-09 15:58老头 Says:
Read closely bro, is hand job
2020-01-09 11:43Rendezvous Says:
u sure u post the rite FR? service she provide is massage lei how ccome become FJ FR
2019-11-21 21:13Ak47 Says:
Bros, just fucked this hole today. Actually will keep quiet and keep this gem to myself. Every time I review liao then very hard to book the girl again. Then I thought, bros before holes hahaha. This girl really can try lah. Just go ahead and book. Then thank me later lol.
2019-11-21 15:45啊华 Says:
2019-11-21 12:53巧克力先生 Says:
I had the most memorable time of my life
Booked this lass late at night and I was amazed by her enthusiasm and energy. After long day of work, she still able to out to please, unlike some others. She is indeed a beauty to be behold and at my first sight of her, I was mesmerized. Ice was easily broken as she took all the initiatives, unlike some others that I have to try to break the ice in order to enjoy a great session. Not going to write about the bonking details, but it was definitely the best one I had so far. As I am the type that enjoyed more of the foreplay, the banging session was over and done with quite fast. Time permit, we lay down naked and chit chat. As we were talking, she naughtily started to stroke and wake up my buddy again. Ended given a hand job as I requested it. Honestly in my opinion, she is better than some of those that commanded higher than 200 bucks. Paid extra of course and left with very sextisfied smile on my face. Looking forward to meeting her again.
2019-11-12 14:15Hi Says:
Booked appointment today morning. God light service, started my day well. Please take care of her.
2019-11-10 01:37A Says:
I give her 8 out of 10 overall. But if really add her good attitude I think can push to 8.5 or 9. It\'s not like her service damn hardcore. It\'s the normal stuff. But her delivery really damn gfe really look out for you make sure you are very happy. Even when I was I coming liao and she knew it I requested her to stop moving because I wanted to enjoy more, and not ready to come yet l, she stopped. What would others do? Move faster and moan give me give me. Not her. She stopped completely and smiled sweetly. Asked me relax. Breathe slowly . Then her hands reached for my shoulders and gave me a light massage. Really felt like sex with a girlfriend. When I began moving a bit she even checked with me whether I\'m ready again before she started caressing me again and rubbing her legs against my body (stocking delight, you see). So, totally worth it. RTF: fuck, yeah.
2019-11-09 16:07TPY Says:
Full of GFE, all the kissing and sex seduce with sexy clothes. I will definitely visit her again.
2019-11-08 16:27Edward Says:
九儿 is still the best around. She never disappoint. Just had a great fuck with this secretary. Looking forward to next visit and surprise.
2019-11-01 15:21滑手男孩 Says:
2019-10-25 19:37酒鬼 Says:
Concur with 90% of thr below FRs. Will be back to find out the other 10%
2019-10-23 16:05蜀黍 Says:
Don’t mind, already the supporter for 九儿baby。never disappoint, always put effort in her service, yet I don’t feel like she is servicing me at all, but like a wife, no mistress, always keen to please me.
2019-10-23 15:26Lonewolf Says:
She is one of the best right now, simply awesome.
2019-10-22 14:16Boyboy Says:
She is simply good. Good service from the door to the shower to the bed and till the end. Please take care of this gem.
2019-10-20 21:38猩猩 Says:
2019-10-22 17:28猩猩 Says:
2019-10-21 12:39人哥 Says:
2019-09-18 07:47蜀黍 Says:
Have not seen 九儿baby for awhile already because I was venturing around booking others. Saw that she is going back soon and I decided to make an appointment with her. I must say, this charming lady is amazing! Her services are never compromised. From the moment I entered her room, she gave a me a very warm welcoming hug and led me to the bathroom, soaped me, suck me, boobs fuck me and to the bed actions, nothing is compromised. She serviced me like she is my mistress. Never a moment with her is boring. She is indeed one of the Best-of-the Best. I enjoyed so much that knowing the next hour happened to be her free time, I extended another hour and had another great session with her. Going to miss her when she go back.
2019-09-12 14:42That fella Says:
No regrets, service is super. She work hard and no holding back to satisfy me. I enjoyed my session with her. Must give it to her as I booked her late at night and yet her service and attitude was never compromised.
2019-09-12 08:09Merlot Says:
Is it because of school holiday? Finally able to book九儿baby. We played master and maid and that was a great turn-on. Super sweet girl, superb body, but best of all a very obedient maid. Looking forward to my next cosplay with her
2019-09-11 12:24Crazie Says:
Met this superb beauty couple of days ago. Reviews verified, top notch services. No wonder she is not easy to book. Like a mistress, she will service you until you walk into her room and will crawl out. Price wise I would say justifiable, can command more. Hope no more increase
2019-09-05 19:44Eddy Says:
Saw some wonderful write-up about Baby, thought I will try writing one for her too to also share my story with Baby and let some brothers reading it and fantasize.
Was attracted by her video post on the web and seems like Baby is the only one putting effort, time and money to make such video. So even at higher price die die must try. Unfortunately I did not have the luck in booking her earlier because obviously she is an hot item. Finally got to meet her today and when she opened the door, I was immediately mesmerized by her. She wore a tiny pink dress in high heels., luscious red lip, with her 36E blossoms exposing half way with beautifully made curly tresses. She look like a goddess to me. She was so natural and I no need to do anything to break the ice. She held my hands and led me to the bed side and gave me a hug and seductively started to undressed me. Naturally I reciprocated and had my hands all over her. We got into the shower and she had me soaped before she proceeded with the boobs fuck, butt rub and sucking my already hard dick. Didn’t want to game over there and told her I can’t wait to have her. We dried up with my eyes roaming all over body. We got to the bed with her still holding my hands. I laid her down gently on the bed and started to roamed her all over her body. Her blossoms was a wonder feel to be felt. I slowly got down between her legs and began eating her out and she was moaning out and clamping my head to her pussy with her legs. She was trembling, arching her body and was licking her fingers. Can’t wait to have her eating me, I got onto my back and she moved her way down to my cock, moving her lips onto it and inserting it into her wet, warm mouth. She pushed it down and into her mouth, spluttering as it hit the top of her throat, it felt amazing. She was using her tongue to make the tip of my penis feel things it had never felt before and trying her best to push as much as she could down her throat. It was one of the best blowjobs I had ever had. Cannot not make love with Baby and told her I wanted fuck her badly. She then moved her naked body up mine and straddled me, taking hold of my penis with the condom on and guiding it into her tight, pink pussy. She guided my cock into her pussy, stopping every few seconds and slowly moving up and down to get it to fit inside of her. I can feel my cock was gripped by her tight pussy, I couldn’t move because I thought I was going to cum. Seeing her pussy over my cock was something I will never forget. She began moving her small frame up and down, bouncing slowly on my cock. Her tits were bouncing up and down with her but I couldn’t even look properly because I knew I was going to blow. She lent back on her hands and used her hips to thrust up and down on top of me. I bit my lip and she got faster, biting her own lip and moaning out as she fucked me. I couldn’t hold my orgasm any longer and I began to cum inside of her. She moaned again as she pulled herself off of me. Sextisfaction session and the best I have experienced so far. My only regret is I never try hard enough to book her earlier. But she indeed can command this price and even higher. Will be seeing her soon again.
2019-09-01 16:35Ken Says:
Yesterday I date this beautiful babe.It is definitely worth.The girl is friendly n service is also really good.When I am free,I will date her again.
2019-09-01 12:52Flingster Says:
九儿is a very sweet and pleasant lady
Agree with the many good comments she has gotten below
Had a very good time with her
It is $$$ well spent

She is a gem not to be missed

Will definitely rtf
In fact, am now planning for my next visit
2019-08-31 15:27Mystery User Says:
Wah all these FRs getting longer and longer haha no wonder she up her price to $220 but okay lah $220 still better than many of the new girls and those charging higher price.
2019-08-30 17:38Edward Says:
Pre-booked 九儿baby2 days ago but special reason, could have the full service. Such difficult to get a date with this beauty so still went ahead and meet her. She was in a silky gown wearing high heels and she looked luscious. She held my hands and lead me to the bed and pushed me down and said in a soft seductive voice if she can pull my pants down. I of course obliged and I lifted my ass and yanked my pants and underwear halfway down my thighs. She unbuttoned my shirt a exposing my bare chest. She leaned forward and kissed me and her warm breast pressing against my upper arm, her hand going down between my legs and wrapping around my erection. We kissed while I fondled her tit and she stroked me. Then she pulled away, scooted back a bit and lowered her head into my lap. I watched her as she closed her eyes and parted her lips. Then, I felt the silkiest imaginable warmth envelop the swollen head of my cock. She was sucking off my swollen dick. She didn\'t bob frantically up and down. I never felt a hint of teeth graze the skin. She twisted her head carefully from side to side. I peeled off her gown and held one of her dangling breasts while she sucked me. “You\'re blowing me off” She made pleasurable murmurs as she continued to fuck my dick with her mouth. She sensed that I was about to come and she stopped and crawled laying next to me with her bare breast pressing against my chest and continued fondling my dick with her soft smooth hands. Her hands is small and cannot hid the whole length of my shaft. She sensuously moved her hands up and down my dick while letting out soft seductive moan. Imagine if I can fuck her. The increase of stimulation and sensation on my cock was immediate and considerable and I told her I am close. Good she said and told me she wanted to feel your cum shooting out. She went back to stroking me, but her words did as much to hasten me along as her actions, and my orgasm was barreling down on me. “Oh, shit, you\'re going to make me come,\" I said emphatically. “Mmm-hmm, mmm-hmmm,\" she continued to stroke me with a little twisting. “Here it comes,\" I grunted and shot the load onto my body. I think a little of my sperm might have landed on her hair, oops “so sorry”. The session was fantastic and I can’t image if it was a full package. Definitely will look for her again when she is fully operational. Wonderful girl to be with as we chatted until time is up.
2019-08-29 08:37幕后的男人 Says:
Waited for so long and finally my 九儿babe is back in action. Without hesitation and made a date with her. The door opened and was greeted by the most beautiful fairy like lady in a silky pink long lingerie. The dress oozed out all her perfect and beautiful body and curves and was so irresistible that I had my hands running all over her body. Took her by the hand and next moment was like lighted a fire in the room. Took my time and lingered and kiss her more passionately to let her know how much I wanted her and she is wanted. Somehow I felt that she wanted me back. Right there, right then, slowly undo her dress, like sculpting a statue. I noticed how her body shifts right into my arms and I let her unbutton my shirt; let her take her time. Never stop kissing her. Linger on her lips. Gently stroking the nape of her neck; gently kiss her neck. Carried her in my arms and lead her to the bed. Admire her in that moment; like you’re grateful she’s with you. Let her know that I felt lucky to be with her right then. Every actions from kissing her lips to painting her sweet pussy were met with natural responsive moan and wriggles from her. Treat her. Really treat her—to the time of her life. Her horniness must have been triggered and she turn me around and gave me a suck of my life. Thereafter cap on and she slowly inserted her love hole with her above me, taking all the control, like she wanted to have a great sex to make sure that she come. Long story short, after falling on my body when deed was done and removed her pussy from my dick, the base of my cock was thoroughly wet from her love juice. Love—emotional or physical—is all about giving and when done right, she reciprocated and responded and we felt like we had the best sex of our life. 九儿babe is truly amazing, never for once my meeting with her is the same old stuff and action. She is always armed with surprises, like bother to get new sexy dresses and lingeries to please her man. So when you make love to her like a real man should, you let her in so she can let you in. Of course I cannot successfully make love to 九儿baby without spending cuddle time with her after sex. This is perfect for making her feel the love even after the sex has ended, ensuring that she truly feels appreciated for more than just her body.
2019-08-28 21:23九少爷 Says:
Booked 2 hours with 九儿 today, she never disappoint me as always. Service is top notch. Went into her room and she greets me with her sexy maid cosplay dress. So nice when she called me master. She said to me \"I am your maid for now, you can do anything you want to me\". Oh my god! Can\'t wait already, faster go for shower. After shower, straight to the bed and start all the actions i want to do with her. She is still on her maid dress while I mingled with her body. Foreplay was very good, I painted her nice and good. She begged for mercy and asked me to stop but I refused because I felt she coming soon and so did she. She praised to my painting skills and said she can\'t wait anymore. We went straight to action starting with missionary then doggy style, after about 20 minutes of battle I came. We rest for about 5 minutes and I said lets go again and she said \"yes, master\". 九儿 is a rare gem to find. Her service is very professional and willing to please. Booked her realizing her price went up but it is still worth it. I will date her again.
2019-08-28 16:06 Says:
2019-08-28 00:43Tt Says:
I give her 8 out of 10 overall. But if really add her good attitude I think can push to 8.5 or 9. It\'s not like her service damn hardcore. It\'s the normal stuff. But her delivery really damn gfe really look out for you make sure you are very happy. Even when I was I coming liao and she knew it I requested her to stop moving because I wanted to enjoy more, and not ready to come yet l, she stopped. What would others do? Move faster and moan give me give me. Not her. She stopped completely and smiled sweetly. Asked me relax. Breathe slowly . Then her hands reached for my shoulders and gave me a light massage. Really felt like sex with a girlfriend. When I began moving a bit she even checked with me whether I\'m ready again before she started caressing me again and rubbing her legs against my body (stocking delight, you see). So, totally worth it. RTF: fuck, yeah.
2019-08-17 20:296待定 Says:
2019-08-15 12:45Jabs Says:
One of the best FL I’ve encountered this year. Extremely hard to book, so please be patience and persistence will one day pay off. Service was immaculate starting from the moment I stepped into the room until I left. Certainly a rtf gem, nuff said...
2019-08-14 23:05泰拳哥 Says:
The moment i entered her room, i was greeted by a pretty face. Jiu Er was in a white dress and her beautiful cleavage was showing. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her big titties. Her voice sounds like a taiwanese though she’s not. I love it.

She helped me remove my clothes and we went into the shower. I couldn’t stop fondling her big breasts. They are so huge and soft, my dick was fully erected the entire time. She started soaping my dick and used her butt to caress it while i fondled with her boobs from behind. She then trapped my dick in between her cleavage and gave me a boob fuck while looking at me seductively. She then gave me a slow bbbj and it felt like heaven.

On bed, we licked each other’s nipples. She sucked my big hard dock while i painted her neatly shaved pussy. I couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to drill my dick into her pussy and fuck her. Her moans were so soft and sweet as I went in and out of her. We changed position and she started riding the hell out of me like a horse. It felt so good that I shot all my load in her. She gave me a really cute smile after and it melted my heart.

She did not rush me off after the deed. We laid in bed and chatted as i fondled with her boobies and thighs. It felt like she was my girlfriend. Will definitely RTF. Bros please take good care of this lady!




2019-08-13 19:23金海鹏 Says:
关于九儿老师 颜值和服务我就不再重复以往大神们的赞扬 这里只写一首小诗 以表心意。
峰峦秀 波涛涌
臀圆润 蜂腰挺


海鹏赋 赠九儿老师
2019-08-13 18:04小狼 Says:
我只能说这个女孩真的是非常好,很有女朋友感觉,细节我不多说,约过的都知道。She is a wonderful kisser! 然而我也是精通此道。强强碰撞,相互攻伐!千万别错过她!
2019-08-13 15:33小狗蛋 Says:
2019-08-12 19:58John Says:
had a session with 九儿.

Looks: 9/10 (good looking)
Shower together: 8/10 (yes, and with good breast rub)
Kiss/Nipples: 9/10 (Can kiss anywhere except ears)
BBBJ: 10/10 (Good, and balance suction)
Painting: 8/10 (normal)
GFE: 100% (yes, alot of gfe)
FJ: 10/10 (good level of contraction and control,get wet easily)
2019-08-12 15:37john Says:
One of the best, if not the best I have tried so far. Pretty face and sexy body.Highly recommended for those who like boobs and kissing.
2019-08-11 19:43哈哈哥 Says:
I give her 8 out of 10 overall. But if really add her good attitude I think can push to 8.5 or 9. It\'s not like her service damn hardcore. It\'s the normal stuff. But her delivery really damn gfe really look out for you make sure you are very happy. Even when I was I coming liao and she knew it I requested her to stop moving because I wanted to enjoy more, and not ready to come yet l, she stopped. What would others do? Move faster and moan give me give me. Not her. She stopped completely and smiled sweetly. Asked me relax. Breathe slowly . Then her hands reached for my shoulders and gave me a light massage. Really felt like sex with a girlfriend. When I began moving a bit she even checked with me whether I\'m ready again before she started caressing me again and rubbing her legs against my body (stocking delight, you see). So, totally worth it. RTF: fuck, yeah.
2019-08-10 21:10dxm Says:
两年后,终于见面了。 还是一样的漂亮, 一样甜美的笑容。 唯一的, 真正的九儿妹妹,独一无二。
2019-08-10 16:50KK Says:
Think she is one of the best. There’s too much to describe. All I can say is she has everything a guy wants.
2019-08-10 02:29zzc Says:
2019-07-24 07:12小不點 Says:
After reading the above positive feedbacks/comments I decided to made a appointment with 九儿 on the 23July2019. When I opened the door I was greeted by 九儿 in her maroon colour dress and heels with a big white smile, and she offered me bottle mineral water!(Wow, very rare to see such good initiative) Like the above comments, 九儿 services are really top notch.

Looks: 10/10 (Actual person a lot prettier and she was wearing her maroon colour dress and heels)

Shower together: 10/10 (Helped me showered and foreplay during the shower, my 弟弟 was hard already.)

Kiss/Nipples: 10/10 (Good Kissing/licking and foreplay before giving me BBBJ.)

BBBJ: 10/10 (very good, I cannot take it have to ask her to stop else will shoot out.)

Painting: 10/10 (she responded very well.)

GFE: 100% (Like the previous users commented, the experience was really good!)

FJ: 10/10 (Did three simple sex positions the experience was really good and ended off with a HJ.)

Afterwards, still got some time left and we sit down to chit chat I think that’s really a bonus for me, usually sex workers will just chased me out after the FJ session. She also offered and gave me a Hug before leaving! I left her place on a good mode.

RTF: Yes definitely, She’s flying back China in a couple of days.

謝謝你九儿姐姐! ❤️
2019-07-22 23:32Obershot Says:
2019-07-22 22:16想不到名字 Says:
人美身材很好 而且很好聊 不會趕時間耐心服務 口活和每一個動作都很厲害
約之前還擔心小姊姊胸那麼大可能會有點肥 見面之後 發覺身材比想像中好 超乎意料
簡直是跟名模級的美女做。看到他直接約吧 不用考慮那麼多 遲了會後悔
2019-07-22 02:58一个瓜 Says:
2019-07-20 02:05举个手 Says:
This girl, play with her on the bed the horse stand damn fast. She suck the cock very good. Got standard. Lick lick lick then put the whole horse into her mouth I see my whole cock disappear, fuck her mouth like fuck her cheebye like that. Can go in deeply one ah. When we start action she came on top of me and squatted, move the cheebye up down on my pole then bent down lick my nipple. First position I already want to come, Knn. So I changed position, took time to let my horse not so excited. But no use. Even though I didn\'t want to come in the end in and out a few more times everything shot out Liao. Sibei Dulan. Now got to come back again and fuck her properly. This one can try, brothers.
2019-07-18 23:58Nick Says:
Never seen such LONG fr.. As if composition during exam.. Sure bih
2019-07-19 17:52hello Says:
she got tattoo? pussy got shave?
2019-07-19 13:23Ed Says:
Go see and you will know, good luck
2019-07-18 19:08一射超人 Says:


2019-07-17 23:39sungrass Says:
2019-07-17 22:51老妖怪 Says:
2019-07-16 09:26听不到 Says:
Finally met the legendary 九儿, she is indeed a beauty. She was in her red dress and high heels and she looked stunning! My immediate thoughts was if she is my girlfriend and when bring her to any balls, she will make heads turn. I naturally gave her compliment and she let out a mesmerizing smile and that melt my heart. For a good 10-20 minutes, I was treating her like a lady, pulling chair for her to sit, chit chatting and small talk, forgot about the purpose of dating her. She said I must be tired after a hard day’s work and asked me if I wanted to take a warm shower-yes, why not? I wanted to make myself feel comfortable while talking to this beautiful lady. Just when I was about to take my shower, she came in and joined me. Oh My Gosh, her body is inch perfect! Perky breast, small waist and a firm butt. Now I tuned myself back to the purpose of dating her. Still in respect mood, we dried each other up. In a gallant behavior, I swept her off her feet and carried her to the bed while lips locked. Her kisses was something which I have never experienced. Soft and warm and we started to have deep passionate kisses. Cuddling and kissing, I asked if I can make love with her. She gave a shy look and took a condom and helped me to put it on. I am not any young man or greenhorn, but she made my heart pound very fast and hard like I am first time going to make love. I like having her closed to my body when making love, hugged her gently with her breast pressing on me, lips locked while we made love.We made slow passionate love Feeling the warmth of her body and the sweet smell of her hair, the feeling was not a paid sex service, but making love with someone you really love.
2019-07-14 22:16小福 Says:
2019-07-13 02:16sojourner Says:
Had a really enjoyable time with Jiu Er on Thursday evening

Cute, pretty petite girl with big headlights and curves in the right places

Awesome BBBJ and very good personality.

The chat afterwards was also a nice bonus, and I left the session feeling quite upbeat

Will definitely visit her again
2019-07-13 01:07夜猫子 Says:
九儿真人比照片看起来还要漂亮,胸大 下面有修毛,声音也很好听,简直就是个粘人的小妖精
跟她做爱的时候好爽,她口活很棒,下面也很会夹 做起来超有感觉的,不赶工,挺好的妹子
2019-07-13 00:12Star Says:
2019-07-12 08:46鲍鱼王 Says:
好爽舔她的鲍鱼。 还会找她。
2019-07-11 21:58一拳超人 Says:


2019-07-11 16:19下午两点的哪一位 Says:

Can’t stop thinking about her after our first meeting. Contacted her the following day to arrange for our meet up, 2 days later. So happy when she said yes.

样貌:9. Her pretty face will grow on you. If you were to see her on the street, you can’t help but steal a few more glances.
胸部: 9. Can’t stop fondling them. While bathing, when she used her butt to rub my little bro, all i did was to fondle and caress her breasts.
身材: 9. It’s the kind of figure which makes you want to carry up and make love.
女友感: 10. Treat me better than my girlfriend. The way she talk to you, you feel like you must have done many good deeds in your previous lives to deserve this.
态度: 10. Her wonderful attitude is very hard to come by these days. She is very genuine in the way she treats you. So thoughtful and gentle.
接吻: 9. Irresistible kissable lips!
口活: 9. Again, she made me too sensitive. I had to stop her. Very skilful in what she does.
鲍鱼: 10. Cleanly shaven. Very beautiful. So blessed to be able to meet a girl with such a pretty pussy.
啪啪: 10. Very tight. And very responsive. I did one position. And it’s already heavenly.

she was wearing a maroon top today which again, accentuate her shapely figure. Started chatting the moment i entered her room. It’s only the second time meeting her but it felt like we have known each other for a very long time.

After soaping me up, pressed her breasts against my body and moved up and down. Turned around and rubbed my little bro with her butt crack. Made it hard quite quickly. All i did was fondle her bountiful breasts. After which, she placed my little bro at her cleavage and moved along. She does it so well.

Led me onto bed. Gave me a few seductive kisses and licked my nipples. Had to stop her when she was giving head cos she was really good. I became very sensitive in no time.

My turn to pleasure her. Kissed her lightly and started licking her nipples. She’s very responsive. Liked how she moaned. Really like to lick her clit as that was when she was most responsive. She enjoyed it so much that she used her hands to pull on her bikini line area so that her clit will be more exposed for me to lick. Till the point she couldn’t take it anymore, she capped me.

I asked which is her favourite position. She said all positions are okay with her. After a while, she said doggie style. So pleasurable making love to her in this position. After i came, she squeezed my little bro with her pussy. And told me i made her so wet.

We sat down on the edge of the bed and chatted. After a while, i asked her to lie down with me on the bed. There is no one moment of silence between us. So much to chat about. And once in a while, i will fondle her nipple and breast as we chatted.

And it’s time to say our goodbyes. Will find her again, for sure!
2019-07-11 01:26Charles Tan Says:
Jiu Er is a natural beauty, her sweet smile will definitely melt any guys' heart.
Her looks is definitely a 12/10, sweet pretty looking, with a bit of cuteness and class, just like that chiobu back in highschool em13(childhood sweetheart).
She has a superb figure, slim waist with nice and firm boobs. Most importantly, she is clean shaven down there with no foul smell (I'm a painter em2)
Her service and attitude really is TOP NOTCH. Details I won't say much. All have to try for yourself!!

Overall worth the damage, will definitely rtf again!!

样貌也是没得说了,美中带着一丝可爱甜美, 有邻家女孩和初恋情人的感觉。em13
她有着S型的身材,娇小玲珑,腰细。最重要的是她下面无毛无味 (我这个喜欢添鲍鱼的当然就忍不住了 em2)。
总结是,九儿不但人美身材好,服务态度也是一流的。非常值得, 如果可以,肯定天天都约!!
*Tip* 对待她切记要温柔。你对她好,她会对你更好。最后,请真诚的对待九儿哦!

2019-07-10 20:59三岁 Says:
Had a date with 九儿. When entered the door she was in the bathrobe. She started chatting, asking how was my day, followed by giving me a hug-surprise number 1. Then started having light peck and playfully asked me to go take a shower as she just had hers-surprise number 2. Why others in review said got shower service and I don’t have? When I am out wrapped in towel, she came hugging me again the this time giving me very passionate kiss as she slowly maneuver me towards the couch. There she pushed me down on to couch and undress her robe. Surprise number 3-she was wearing the Chinese ancient time woman’s undergarment called 肚兜

She seductively moved her way down on her knees and started blowing me! Wow! Being sucked and slurped by an ancient beauty. She sucked my balls and moving her head up and down my shaft. Cannot hold and carried her up to the bed and asked to cap on. Had her sat on top of me and when inserted, we both made a soft moan. She lowly moved her hip to and fro and as the action got faster, she started to bang me hard and I reciprocate by banging up hard. The sight of her banging me in her 肚兜, with her ample soft E breast spilling out from side to side was sex satisfaction. Think I hit her wall with every bang. Arrrrrh ah, exploded, game over for me. Waiting for my turn again for the next surprise. 九儿baby,等我
2019-07-09 14:03幕后的男人 Says:
Here goes my encounter with 九儿:booked her in advance to avoid disappointment and the night of passionate sex that I am anticipating had arrived. We had shower together and I left the bathroom first laying naked on the bed waiting for her. She came out of the bathroom and paraded around in her towel to entice me and teased me with her curves and when she dropped the towel, the sight was to be behold. Snuggling down onto the bed beside me, she positioned the length of her body against mine and slowly and rhythmically stroked her leg along mine. I enjoyed her smooth, warm skin sliding against mine. She was kissing the life out of me and I couldn’t resist her fondling my cock. She moved down the bed and started sucking my already hard cock. I was at her mercy. Every thrust she made along my cock in her mouth made me want to explode instantly. With her sexy seductive eye contact when eating my member, I couldn’t wait to have her. Cap on and I positioned her so she could sink her pussy down and sheath my cock. Once inside me she supported herself placing her hands on my chest and slide her pussy up and down my length. Her wet channel made the thrusting of my cock feel amazing. Bouncing up and down on my cock, with my tongue in my mouth and my cock in her pussy, I came hard while I still allow her to thrust up onto me. With powerful throb I didn’t stop for a second grabbing her breasts and sucking on her nipples as I reached my orgasm. Our moans were loud and synchronized and that was indeed a passionate love making I was anticipating. Can’t wait for my next date with her.
2019-07-09 11:24兔兔 Says:
2019-07-08 14:04中午12点的哪一位 Says:
Finally managed to meet 九儿.

样貌:9. Has such a pretty face. Can’t stop looking at her.
胸部: 9. Lovely pair. Can’t stop caressing and sucking them.
身材: 9. Slim but yet curvy. So nice to hug her when making love.
女友感: 10. Although we met for the first time, she gave me such a wonderful feeling. Felt like we have known each other for a very long time.
态度: 10. Very friendly. So easy to talk to her. Hard to find girls with this kind of attitude.
接吻: 9. Very kissable lips.
口活: 9. Made me very shiok. Had to ask her to stop cos very sensitive.
鲍鱼: 10. Very beautiful pussy. Cleanly shaven. Very sensitive when i licked her. Twist and turn her lithe body.
啪啪: 10. Very tight. I only did one position. No need too many pattern. Made me very comfortable. She said she felt likewise.

Upon entering her room, saw her wearing a white dress which revealed her ample cleavage. Took off my top for me. Led me into the shower.

Soaped me up. Used her breasts and press on my body. Turned around and used her butt to caress my little bro. Made it hard. Placed my bro between her boobs and gave a boob fuck. Commented that I’m so hard. Told her i will get soft very soon. Say will blow me hard again.

Asked me to lie on bed. Approached me and gave me light kisses. I didn’t try to french. Licked my nipples and went down on me. Make me very shiok. Ask her to stop. She asked if i wanna kiss kiss her. Of course i won’t miss that.

Gave her a few gentle pecks on her lips. Licked and suck her nipples. Moved to her beautiful pussy and licked to my heart’s content. Pulled back the clit hood to expose her clit and continue to paint her. Till she asked me to stop cos she cannot tahan anymore. Capped me. I’m on top. She moved with me. Asked her to allow me to do the deed so as to conserve her energy for the day.

After which, she laid on my arms and we chatted. Bathed and ask her to eat cos don’t want her to be hungry.

Will definitely find her again!
2019-07-08 13:59Leo Says:
Super sweet and gorgeous 女神 like photos! Very high GFE starting from the moment I enter to shower to Bed... Really serves me like a concubine to an emperor. After the deed she lay beside me in bed to chit chat. She has so much to tell me just like a girlfriend who haven\'t seen me for a while... even though this is my 1st visit. Will surely RTF...
2019-07-08 09:58孤狼 Says:
Yi-Har! What a ride! Didn’t realized that 酒儿 was back until when gathering with my friends last Saturday. Have not been fucking around and looking at sites since she left, what 2 years ago?! My, this lass is even more prettier now. I was surprised when she opened the door and hiding behind was a beautiful sexy lady in office outfit her tight skirt showed all her sexy curves and her blossom is voluptuous. Imagine seating on the couch getting blow-off by this Frivolous OL on a Sunday? I am a painter and still can remember how she would squirm when painting her but this time round didn’t do that. straight to action station and let her ride the hell out of me - Yi-Har! As I said before, she is the BEST-of-the-BEST!
RTF? You bet buddy! 孤狼 no longer will be Lone Wolf with her around.
2019-07-08 01:27最后 Says:
When I opened my eyes, I realized I had collapsed from sheer joy and exhaustion.... what was it? A soft fragrance played on my nose and I realized she was lying on my chest, her silken hair spilled over my body. It wasn\'t my first time. In fact, it wasn\'t even my second time with her. I always found my way back when I needed it. Sex was intense as usual, full of energy and spirit and the orgasm knocked me out on this occasion. I realized I had gone 20 min overtime. Her soft body was pressed against me on the bed. I hugged her tightly and kissed her and she knew I had woken up. Didn\'t charge me extra since she said I was the last for the day. I thanked and left. Forgot to tip her but doesn\'t matter. I know I will be back.
2019-07-07 21:11Xiaochenchen Says:
2019-07-07 19:06Bonk Bro Says:
Fantastic experience!
Super GFE
While in Shower (Boob massage, Kiss, Boob job)
Looks: 9
Body: 8 (Got stomach muscles). Think she worked out.
Boobs: 9 (enhanced)
BBBJ: 9 (Got deep throat)
FJ: 9 (missionary, watch her bouncing boobs, tight). She shivered when I shot...

will RTF.
2019-07-07 08:28天王老子 Says:
2019-07-07 08:20蜀黍 Says:
没有在周末约过炮,昨天带女儿到九儿工作附近上补习班,忽然好想约炮就试试看九儿小宝贝有空吗,怎么知道有飞机,就约了。 一进门小宝贝飞跳了过来我把她抱着我们热吻了。那种感觉真棒!抱她上了床继续热吻了不知多久然后去冲凉房继续。 回到穿上继续了我们的爱爱。觉得周末找九儿小宝贝有一种特别服务那样,把我干上天了。短短的半个小时就够了,做爱不用久,重要是感觉。九儿小宝贝下个周末见咯
2019-07-11 08:33蜀黍 Says:
2019-07-10 15:02老王 Says:
2019-07-08 07:55三军 Says:
@蜀黍 半个小时够了?我孩子也在附近上补助班,这个周末约九儿
2019-07-06 22:46joel Says:
Saw her today, almost didn\'t recognize her. Cause I met her early, she didn\'t put on make up yet. Then after shower and everything, with loads of chit chat, I was feeling up for it. It\'s like going to a mistress house and having sex with her - doing it with someone you know. Gave me a long blowjob on the bed. The way the light hits her face when she serviced me gave her a tender look. Some kind of glow. Pulled her up and began kissing her. She\'s not big on frenching but obliged me with light kisses. Then she asked me if I wanted to lie down so she can service me somehow. Knn. By then I really high Liao. Really like a mistress serving her master. I capped on and drilled her gave her one good one. Will be back because I didn\'t manage to change position already came liao. Lol.
2019-07-06 22:00Lutung Says:
Just had a date with Jiu Er. S-Class look, body and service. Great session from sexy shower to romantic cuddling after the deed
2019-07-06 11:30J Says:
GFE super high, service is very good!! 谢谢你九儿
2019-07-05 22:58狼人 Says:
Was disappointed with the quality of girls lately. Not till i met this girl,九儿. 九儿 impressed me deeply. Not only is she more beautiful, sexier in person, she also has a great S-shaped body and perfect complexion.I enjoy licking and fondling those big soft boobs of hers and her pussy. So Yummy! Very good service for the whole session. She really gives a very good blow; So good that i fight hard to resist.  In bed,she is very accommodating and try her best to please me. The love making is really intense and enjoyable. Had dated Xiaohuli and Liu Shihan before. But 九儿 surpass them by margins. Will be supporting this girl till she goes back!Highly recommended!Looks:9/10, Body:9.5/10,BBBJ:9.5/10,FJ:10/10,GFE:10/10
2019-07-05 22:41狼王 Says:
2019-07-05 00:59CK Says:
FR on 九儿

Looks: 9 One of the prettiest lately.
Body: 8.8 will score higher if taller by another 5cm
Boobs: Enhanced C/D, can feel the base, but soft on TOP.
Frenching: like her soft tongue (at her discretion, but think will get it most likely unless got bad breath)
Foreplay: 8.5 Action started at bathroom n she\'s attentive.
BBBJ: 8:5 Nice suction.
Painting: Clean shaven and very wet indeed.
FJ: 9.2 Very fuckable body, responsive and accommodating.
High gfe.
Damage: 200 + tips
RTF: Yes
2019-07-04 19:14寂寞先生 Says:
FR for 九儿

Been waiting for her to come back for long long time.

Looks: even prettier than she was last year
Figure: 前凸后翘, just like what you see on web
Frenching: up to chemistry
Service: She will play with you in the bathroom and get you in the right mood for the action later.
BBBJ: got the right suction, up and down action to feel like you are banging her mouth.
Painting: Clean shaven down there and you can paint her until she squirm.
FJ: Very responsive, okay for many positions and you can pump her for long time.
RTF: yes
2019-07-04 17:39Kenneth 79 Says:
Just have a wonderful wonderful session with 九儿,from the moment I step into The room...if you’re looking for looks she have it, service is one of the best I’ve encountered,gfe simply over flowing, RTF is 100%. I believe not brother will regret trying 九儿。she’s 1 of the best you can find.
2019-07-04 17:30Chinchilla Says:
FR on 九儿 dated 02 July
Looks: 8.5
Attitude: just like your own gf, no stranger feeling
Body: voluptuous
Boobs: Nice Big boobs, good to lick and suck
French: please keep yourself smell nice and you get what you want
Foreplay: No time wasted since the moment step into the room
BBBJ: One of the best that cannot be missed
Painting: just arrived, fresh and wet
FJ: Good, accomodative & responsive. Nice finishing with doggie. She knows how to adjust to the position that you want.
Damage: $200 + tips
RTF: yes
2019-07-04 14:47Ed Says:
Had another session with 九儿baby了。一次生,两次熟,做爱体验又达到另外一个高峰了。我是走着进去扒着出来。she can be so demure when beginning but when cloths are off, she is another kind of sex kitten.
2019-07-05 15:12Ed Says:
@Shree, the girls in this line are more worried about contracting STD then you.
2019-07-05 14:08Shree& Says:
Ok senpai
2019-07-04 21:36寂寞先生 Says:

No need to worry. They practice good hygiene. Just go.
2019-07-04 19:35Shree& Says:
Hey @Ed
Are these s+ girls legitimately clean? Do i need to worry about STD or some shit? I wanna try this girl..she so hot
2019-07-04 08:23Ed Says:
Have been supporting TTVIP since 美女号外time, so copied one of my rare review of this 九儿bane here as she deserves it:

Ed Says:
Saw that this beauty have the most reviews only just started yesterday and I said to myself, really that good? Well, luck was on my side and I am really lucky because all her customers were her ex-client and I am new to her. Having been around trying all rates of other beauties, I am very sure this 九儿 babe will be a red hot item. TOP NOTCH service! Already advance booking for my next 2 sessions. Good luck to the rest of the bros wanting to make a date with this beauty.
2019-07-03 23:52。。。 Says:
She may not have the biggest boobs but she\'s really got the softest smoothest most beautiful boobs with pert pretty nipples. Perfect for breast fuck. I love her obedient face as she gave me the boob rub kneeling down in the shower. Then we proceeded to the bed for serious business. The thing about jiuer is that she doesn\'t just make you sit back and enjoy, you fall in love with her smile so much you want her to enjoy too, and the sexy lovemaking sounds charge your spirit so much you want to make baby with her. After sex, I lay down on top of her, cuddled by those beautiful breasts. It was a good feeling, nothing mechanical about the whole session. Just good honest naked sex. Would be booking her again once I replenished my vitamin M.
2019-07-03 21:19Boy Says:
Never disappoint me....hope she can stay here longer...
2019-07-03 15:53T Says:
Service superb, hot body with beautiful smile. Looking forward to f*** her again
2019-07-03 15:32White Says:
Finally got to date this babe after so Long. She is definitely the prettiest girl among those in the same price range. Despite her overwhelming popularity, never once did I feel she is cold and reserved. I am pleasantly surprised by her friendliness. I rate her gfe full marks, and her services were really superb, in particular boobs gliding and frenching. Rtf for sure.
2019-07-03 08:21蜀黍 Says:
小可爱终于回来了。一看到她上网就立刻拼命的约,皇天不负苦心人,终于约到了。样貌 身材 做爱 是每个男人梦想每天都想要看到的 触摸到和做爱的女人。今天早上我的弟弟比我早醒,被红太狼看到了,问我为什么那么硬,不用问,是我在想九儿小宝贝了
2019-07-03 01:24恐龙 Says:
终于等到我的女神回来了!现在比以前更漂亮,苗条,身材更好!还是一样的骚 真的是回味无穷~~


2019-07-02 22:52【哒】 Says:
2019-07-02 17:37阿liang Says:
2019-07-02 22:44Alex Says:
Sweet girl. Good service.

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