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S4174 LuLu1
S4174 LuLu

Name 姓名 : S4174 LuLu

Age 年龄 : 24 Years Old

Height 身高 : 162cm

Boobs 胸围 : 34C

Weight 体重 : 48

Room & CD Included 包房包套


Apartment 公寓



Please quote seen from TT! 请说TT看见的!




2022-01-17 23:45PP Says:
2022-01-12 22:19坏蛋 Says:
根本约不到 挂出来干嘛
2022-01-17 23:27Spidey-Man Says:
2022-01-16 15:39老司机 Says:
2022-01-15 22:47Spidey Man Says:
我曾经听说这个女孩受人威胁,闹到警察局去接受调查… 不知道是不是因为这件事她就不回复生客的信息…
2021-11-14 04:44loop Says:
2021-10-28 22:09Peter Parker Says:
A very Sweet girl, love sex. Professional and chatty if mood is right.

Worth the money if you are looking for a good, loving bonk.

Body: worth to lick every inch of her
Boobs: very suckable and very right size to fondle, grab and that eraser nips are worth spending some time loving
BBBJ: service her well and she will be in the right mood. Takes in likes she means it

allows Painting but she does not like it

Deserves to be treated well

Location: very near town and easily accessible
2021-10-23 22:33专找海王 Says:
好爽 又紧水又多,还被我内射进去了,还会再找你。
2021-09-08 23:35Craze Says:
Service is good at some fancy 5 stars hotel in town.
2021-09-08 19:08炮哥 Says:
2021-09-07 23:38Dexter Chen Says:
Central location. Orchard area hotel. Good service. Attention to details. Friendly personality. Very good. Treat her with respect.
2021-08-30 03:58LongGer Says:
Fair or tan girl?
2021-08-26 15:19guy Says:
Sincere, honest, elegant, 3 points to her, 0 complains

2021-06-17 12:06你的小哥哥 Says:
绝对是syt,gnd look 哈哈
2021-06-16 16:07CK Says:
Just had a wonderful session with her. FR for Lulu;
Looks : pretty and look younger than the photos.
Massage : So so, opted for FJ so didn\'t do much regular massage.
Sensual massage : Damn shook, her moaning and feel of her supple body laying on top of me is heaven.
Body : Petite and well proportionate. Boobs just nice for her small frame and beautifully shape
BBBJ : Didn\'t try so as not to shoot out before the actual deed
Painting : very responsive and wet when been painted. Keep urging me to keep licking her clit.
FJ : only did it in 1 doggy position as I shot out in a very short time as was already very high from the foreplay
RTF : hell yes. She\'ll be my regular rtf target as long as she is here.
Tip: her schedule is quite full and she doesn\'t touch her phone during the session so message her early an f wait for her reply. She answered my SMS only at 2am after work luckily I\'m arranging a slot 2 days in advance.
2021-06-14 21:27奶茶 Says:
小姐姐娇小玲珑 爱了爱了
2021-06-14 16:21JJ Says:
Sweet and hardworking girl!
Photo is the same person.
Eager to pleased and the session is amazing
2021-06-14 15:27奶茶 Says:
小姐姐娇小玲珑 爱了爱了
2021-06-14 00:32BigAnron Says:
Very very tight,I started with cowgirl position...
When she rode on me, I was like WOW, good wrap and warm... Then she started to ride..
In about 2mins, I had an urge to cum. I told her that I was about to cum, just stop and take a break. But she said: no, I want you cum in me.I tried to get up, but she pushed me down, used her hands to tease my tits and grind even harder at the same time.
I tussled with her,but it made me feel even uncontrolled, she kept grinding and shaking, I had no choice but to release my soliders...then we burtst into laughter at the same time. She said I could not challenge her, the more I beg her, the more she would torture me...I can escape from no where. I promise I will challenge her next time and I will win.

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