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4497号 Qing Fu(青抚)1
4497号 Qing Fu(青抚)

Name 姓名 : 4497号 Qing Fu(青抚)

Age 年龄 : 25 Years Old

Height 身高 : 168cm

Boobs 胸围 : 36C

Weight 体重 : 50

Room & CD Included 包房包套


Apartment 公寓



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2022-01-19 16:54No name Says:
The girl is wonderful, once opened the door. She look gorgeous 99% subject to my high expectation, you will not reject as same as photo. She is gentle and soft spoken lady in her 20s. Stunning and shy demure as she request me to shower first ,joined me later in nude body. Seeing her body make me blood rising hot as I took a slight peek while she is peeling her clothes off. She look pretty while washing my brother and perform inspection checking on my brother.

Straight to the bed, she is natural born in mastery of fellatio. Maybe mine is too yummy. I had well prepare in advance , cleanse 99.99% with my secret method. (Without pee condition). I just lay there quietly for her to enjoy herself in sheer pleasure of sucking my dick. She took quite some time, there is multiple times of tongue lashing and stirring rotation to my dick head which I felt a stirred to my groin, trying to bear in pleasure. She gives good head and alternatively she reach up to lick my nipple and goes down to prep suck my cock wow this goes on quite few rounds. Till I halted her and guess what she prepared herself to a kneeling position. Which I am surprised as she thought I was going to stand mode face fuck her with my dick. I want to service her instead. When I goes down to her pussy and bingo she is already leaking pre-cum with white juice flowing out. she is a slut actually. I am happy she is enjoying herself when she is sucking my cock which makes her high.

However I wanna service her pussy but I sniffed and smell fishy sour. So I told her next time I will cleanse her pussy so that she can be service by me. Proceed to the final stage, rest I shall not disclosed and shared with you all pervs. She is a great cock sucker I can say. She service my cock repetitively without my request. I remain silent all that while to let her enjoy sucking me. I am very pleased with her. Maybe I did a good job in hygience maintenance to ensure my brother is free from smell and 99.99% cleanliness. Sure to return. She is a horny cheerful and pretty good looking girl. 9/10 overall. GFE is normal 7/10 but her bbbj is excellent 11/10.
2022-01-17 01:38杀哥 Says:
2022-01-13 22:02 Says:
2022-01-12 00:59达拉 Says:
2022-01-10 19:48大黄鸭 Says:
2022-01-09 20:39 Says:
2022-01-02 09:40Jeffrey Says:
2021-12-14 13:15Mickey Says:

Photo and actual person is exactly the same after photo change.
Service is very good and is very patience girl.(Good Attitude)
Boobs are large and good to kiss. Very nice to grab during cow girl.
Does very good bbbj with slurping and moaning sound effects
She is always wet and responsive during FJ, Allows multiple change of position with no complains.
Will hug and kiss you goodbye before leaving (GFE 100%)
Please Treasure her while she is till here.

有很好的BBBJ, 有吸力和声音效果
离开前还会拥抱和亲吻你.(GFE 100%)
2021-11-19 21:03小弟弟 Says:
BBBJ挺厉害的 ,啪啪棒棒哒,配合度高也不赶时间。
2021-11-19 11:10Barry Says:
She’s real, definitely worth trying.
2021-11-18 17:04Bob junior Says:
She’s real and definitely not landmine.Nice decent body, tall and slender.
Accommodative and passionate. Very nice moans and good facial expressions during sex.
Overall sensational experience 8.5/10. Someone who you don’t want to miss. RTF Yes……
2021-11-18 08:40Handsome Says:
Tall and slender!! She looks similar to her video, pretty lol.
Worth the visit, don’t missed it
2021-11-17 14:22L Says:
是本人哦比较像第一第二张照片 地点靠近地铁
2021-11-07 16:22fivefingerguy Says:
2021-11-06 12:37男孩 Says:
2021-11-04 11:43客人 Says:

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